Friday, 10 August 2018


       That I hear is why I know. That I listen is why I learn. That I read is why I understand. That I contemplate is why I dream. That I am imaginative is why I innovate. That I see is why I believe. That I perceive is why I prepare. That I feel is why I love. That I am sentimental is why I rage. Now because I speak I connect, because I write I contribute to the safety of today and the promise of tomorrow.
We are all part of the collective, we are the context of existence_ the greatest and truest proof of time, although history will not remember us all, everyone are its subjects, everyone contributes, everyone is important, pay no mind to them who think less of you, if they knew who they were, they would know who you are, “you are life as they are, peace be with you.”

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Monday, 23 July 2018


       I was struggling with the morality of my faith. I was trying to find my center in my religion because I could not come down to believe that all who are not Christians are not God’s children and that they will never make it into Heaven. I took study of few of those who will not call my God ‘their God’ and in most of them, I saw myself, “a struggling wimp crawling on all fours.” Some are even better than me, much nicer than I, more trust worthy than I could ever be, what supposedly made them inferior was non-existent, “we are all cockroaches wearing the same color of feathers.”

I turned to the bible and it would seem that the holy book is against all who do not call Christ Jesus their Lord and Savior. It would seem that without Christ as your Lord and Savior, you will not enter Heaven, and then a voice thundered through the Holy pages saying, “I Am the Lord your God. My thoughts are not your thoughts. Love is what I command of you.” And then it dawned unto me; is it the name ‘Christ’ that commanded Christianity into being or The Holy character of Love possessed and professed by Christ Jesus? Many are His children after all, because many know love, many can love, and many love. “What better way is there to prove your faith in God other than to love like God? Is it not the character of a man that makes people call him, ‘his father’s son?’ What better way is there to shout out your father’s name, other than to let him live through you in spirit and in truth?” What do we know about righteousness? Which of us is holy enough without sin? We cannot take peoples beliefs and throw them out of the window, there is truth in them too. We cannot fault people when they do not share our sentiments. Learn to respect a mans beliefs before you tell him ‘it is botched’ and he will come to respect yours before he tells you ‘it is botched as well,’ and maybe even listen with more yearning, more attention when you try to let him know more about your faith.
Let us tell the truth, let us be human in our convictions, no one can live or be like Christ because He is in fact, ‘GOD.’ Peace be with you.

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Friday, 22 June 2018


       It is good to pray, to talk to God, to commune with The Creator but do not lose yourself to your faith when ignorance beats with all of its contexts.
  •         Understand before you believe, so you will not always be found wanting and disappointed.
  •          Gain the knowledge to carry faith, so you will not be found in the puddle of your own foolishness.
  •          Who do you pray to when you speak in tongues? Do you understand the words you rant? God understands what you understand to give to you that which you understand. A deal between two parties is struck good when they both understand each other: if all you understand is Arabic, what good is a vision or a dream from God in Chinese? No matter how brilliant and prepared you are for an examination, you will never pass it if it is written in a language you do not speak and understand. Pray to God in a language you do not understand, and you might get an answer you do not understand as well.
  •          There is a popular saying, “when you leave everything in God’s hands, eventually you will see God’s hands in everything,” but that is a prayer of lazy hands and of hearts holding on to hope by the tail. The hand of God in this world is you. If you really will not help yourself, no one else can, and yes they may try but they definitely will not succeed, you are the hero of yourself before your helpers can be your heroes too. God’s favor to you is the love you enjoy from you, your family, and men alike.
  •          Stop talking to God as if He is a magician. Stop looking for miracles, so you do not buy more troubles from men peddling peace and prosperity. Get yourself to work, if you make it-you make it, if you don’t-you don’t, all is life.
  •          When I write, “peace be with you,” I mean, give yourself peace.

Peace be with you. 
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Why should we struggle to live life?
Why should we go through all of life’s hiccups just to breathe in reality’s boat?
I mean, what’s the point of it all, when we die anyway…?-well why not, when does anything good come easy?
  •          You see, it is very easy to question God, to blame Him for everything wrong because you feel that it is your right to be happy, “O God, if You are so righteous, loving and holy, why make me, only to suffer me? What kind of a good father does that?”
  •     You are right. It is your right to be happy. No good father will suffer his child to death, but if there must be suffering and pain to gain wisdom, a good father will endure it first, to teach his children how to endure it too. And Christ did endure, didn’t He…?
  •          I have contemplated and this is what The Lord is saying, “I your Father, your God; is sorry. I did not mean for you to suffer. Bear with Me as I bear with you. Endure for Me as I have endured for you, and you will bask in My eternal joy, My eternal peace, and My eternal love, My child,” 

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Thursday, 14 June 2018


       A vow is a solemn promise to keep and to honor but for marriage it means more because it is for a holy union, a sacrament of holy and mortal unity. When a man and a woman are righteously joined as one in holy matrimony, they become inseparable, their love is their strength and their character is their health or death.
Those who gather in ceremonies of marriage, gather as witnesses to witness, that the said bride and the said groom know each other enough to love each other and love each other enough to wed each other. When a bride and groom stand before a crowd of family and friends, they do so to state for the record that they love each other and that they will continue to love each other until death.
If there arise a quarrel in a marriage, a righteous reason for divorce, the church has no right to grant it because it was only present at the ceremony as a witness of love ‘a holy union’ and even more so, cannot be present at the arena of said annulment, for the church is one body, a preacher of unity and harmony both in raging storms and calm of seas.
It is the man who wedded the woman and the woman who wedded the man; it is the man who has the right to divorce the woman in accordance with her wishes, and it is the woman who has the right to divorce the man in accordance with his wishes, and the church has no right to pronounce the man and the woman unrighteous, for it could not take away the pain the two were unable to bear, for it could not  preach harmony into the home praying to fall apart, and it was not present where and when the promise was broken.


       You did not lie when you said those vows, you meant to keep the promise, but life is not that simple. We are humans and everyday as we live, we learn and grow. As things happen, things change and for a couple, sometimes they grow apart.
“It is very easy to fall in love but it is very difficult to stay love. It is very easy to make a vow but it is very difficult to keep it.”
A holy union is not immortal, like us it will suffer, like us it may end prematurely, unfairly. What reads in the vows of marriage are commonly misinterpreted, for it is with love you declare it, but the euphoria will pass because joy is a moment’s bliss and in time reality will set in to test your strength of character, and in every heartbeat you will struggle to keep what you can and lose what you cannot keep, value what you can keep and miss what you valued but could not keep, and then the truth of the vow will be made clear to you, and the health of your marriage will be defined by your strength of character.
       Think no less of yourself if you could not keep the promise of love, the vow of marriage; till death do you part it read, but death has many forms, and divorce is also a death parting marriage.


       No one prays to fail in life, at least not at something this important ‘marriage.’ Most aged marriages still breathing healthy are not all strengthened by love but by tolerance, endurance, children, and their wealth of shared experiences.
Endurance, tolerance, these are the major strengths of any good marriage but I tell you the truth, you will be very foolish to persevere in a marriage that is likely to kill you: endurance and tolerance in marriage are mostly suffered to keep the family together, they are mostly suffered for the shame of mockery, they are mostly suffered so that the children can call the family ‘HOME,’ they are mostly suffered so that the children might not live with unfounded guilt and nameless rage like most children of divorced parents; “but ask yourself which is better? That you left a marriage to give yourself peace and still work and hope that your children and former spouse are well, or that you are not alive anymore to work and hope for what may or may not be for your family.
I do not support a divorce, I am not advising in favor of it, but you will be wise to know when and if it will do you and your family good.
       “Marriage is a struggle for everyday, a story to make and work out every day but when it will not make, it will not work out and when it will not work out, it can kill.”


       You are not unrighteous or wicked to feel a little or a lot less love for your spouse than you use to, things change, people change. What is before you is a problem, how you may succeed at solving it is by first, accepting that there is a change. What is lost can be found, people fall out of love and fall right back in because they were honest with their feelings. “The things we look for are either what we have lost or what we desire. It is what you know and accepted you have lost, you can struggle to find again.” When love is missing from marriage there is always tolerance to hold unto, so that the union can endure until love is found again. And yes, fate may dance wild; love may not be found again but tolerance can endure the dry spell of love.
       Acknowledgement is the best friend of marriage. It is the foundation for marital joy and the douser of marital fires. As it communicates well for pleasure, it builds tolerance to govern a fiery temper and maturity to govern arguments, because the truth is, at the beginning of every problem is the weary courage we summon to face them, at the middle is the poor wisdom we carry to solve them, at the end is the little endurance we display to keep with sanity, and at the beginning of the disaster is the lie we told ourselves that we could handle the problem. Always know what you feel, have and want, and accept them.


       When we miss things insanity befriends us and as we act out, we seek closure, and so we take on a journey to destination-why we miss what we miss, only to find the warmth of closure in the acknowledgment of love: many have tried to find out where they got it wrong in their marriage, when the pain became unbearable that the vow could no longer be kept, only to find out that they still love what they have lost and that they terribly miss what they love. They find closure in what was but still lives. You see, that is the thing about marriage, the fire of love may burn out today but tomorrow it may rise with the morning. Marriage is mortal, like us it is fragile, it can break but like us finding form again, it can also heal.


       What is holiness? It is the unconditional love for all peoples and animals alike. We can try but a little knowledge changes things, it changes people. Reheat yesterday’s dinner for today’s breakfast and answer if it tastes as good, but you eat anyway because it is still good to be eaten, because life is not only about joy but a struggle for survival. But what if yesterday’s dinner has gone bad that there is no amount of reheating and spicing that can make it good? If we eat, we suffer, but we eat anyway because that is life, that is the struggle, “nothing stays good long enough for us to it perfect.”
Who among us is holy? It is the child born just then. It has no knowledge of good and evil yet. It is only newborns that can love unconditionally, monsters or saints they don’t care; all they know is to love. Yes, you were holy once. You are not a child like that anymore and yet, you love your spouse enough to wed and be wedded to. You are older now with knowledge of both good and evil, things have happened that you have seen, things have changed that you felt; if your marriage is not a story to be told epic, it is alright to righteously part ways and each make a new story. The tales past was not wicked or fruitless but one you told when you were in love in moment’s pockets and was loved in moment’s pockets.
Marry your spouse body and soul in tolerance and endurance and your marriage will last, but one too many cups of perseverance, is bound to do harm. Peace be with you.
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Tuesday, 5 June 2018


       Last I checked I am both. Yes, people can be cruel but believe me, no one is wicked enough to be only a force of evil in this world. And although we are capable of much love and much good, no one is holy enough to be only a force of good in this world. Do not light a candle and pray not to see with it, what is there is there, “we are each, consuming flames as we are beautiful lights dancing corrigibly.”
 How do you define a wrong? Because one sin is one evil, “ergo my friend, we really are no better than the latter.”
How do you define righteousness? Because one good is one holiness, “bring to me the man who has never done any good in all his life and I will embrace him with a kiss and call you a liar before God and before man, we are flowering infernos.” Check again my friend; you are much of a sinner as you are much of a saint.

       We have no power or right to eternally condemn the seemingly just monsters, when they are saints we do not know. It is what truth they reflect, we know and judge, the ones still in secret cannot be all bad, and it is not like we are angels anyway, we all have our demons.
I do not defend the wicked. I am just saying that there is good in them too. I do not know what reads on their minds or yours for that matter, but I am sure of one thing, the monster is a sinner and so am I, “an oil stain is an oil stain, doesn’t really matter how bad it is.”
Life is not the same for everyone. The chains of reality, as they are with you are not as they are with me. They burden us differently, they suffer us differently. Reality’s complications are too complex to identify the same with everyone. The sun is wicked as it is and the moon is restless until it rests, but this is no reason to be selfish with the little there is or indifferent or darn wicked:
We are all victims of dire circumstances; if we will not help each other survive, what will? We look too far for answers, “the hand of God in this world is man. God’s favor to man is the good we do for each other.”

        As I suffer the injustice, I will not cry out loud, I will endure the pain, I will not speak of the wrong for peace to reign. My friend, you are sweet, you are an angel but also the biggest fool on the planet: That which you know is a wrong done unto you, that which you know is an injustice fighting your sanity will never give you peace, it will kill you in the light of day, it will kill you in the dark of night, your dreams will dissolve in your nightmares.
Do you know what I will do when a wrong is done unto me? I will shout it out to the world so it can bear me witness and bestow on me the right to hope that justice will pray with me or give me the wisdom of will to waddle through the mud, “for if we will all gain all we desire, Hmm, if heaven is here, if heaven is here!”

       I do what is right or at least I try to anyway every chance I get, but those sinners don’t even make an effort, they are the worst of the worst. They want to see me starve. They want to see me sad. They want to see me in pain. They want to belittle me. They plan to use their power and knowledge over me to steal the little I have. Do you still say they will make heaven? Oh Honey! The stakes for utter Holiness are too high for any of us to pay. And yes, people will want to do the bad things you fear they will do to you, but you don’t really know that they will, you should not give what might not be that much power over you. This is not the promised Heaven, life is not perfect, worry about that which you can control, if bad things will happen they will happen, “why suffer twice?”  
Do you think the wind is really free? It is not. It struggles with the push and pull of the moon, and the revolution of the body of the planet around the sun, but its seeming adversities does not stop it from living as if it is free.
       Humanity suffers humanity. It is true that there are prowling wolves waiting to take advantage of our weakness but we cannot always blame them for what they are; life is society and society is a billion cities with each a billion maze, it is a warped construct: What society is teaching you will be different from what society is teaching them. What you are learning is different from what they are learning, and it is what knowledge you have you will use, “it is the survival instinct.”
       We are all struggling for sustenance and we all go about it in different ways. Society is too crowded for sanity to really preach morality. You have to be strong to succeed and you have to be morally righteous to be contented is what society preaches. We should not curse the man for the type of life he is living, for it is the knowledge he has he is using, and he has no right to blame society if the walls of his lifestyle crumbles on him, for it was his choice to discard morality for a full bite at vanity.
       We cannot condemn, for Christ came and died for sinners and resurrected for believers. He is The Shepherd who will not abandon a lost sheep. He is The Father who will not abandon His frail child, “sweetheart, it is very difficult to be condemned into hell just as it is very difficult to be Holy enough for Heaven.”
Do not be foolish in your Faith. Our sins are not paid for yet. He who breaks the law of society might avoid the judgment for punishment, but all who are sinners, ‘all of us’ cannot outsmart God, we will account for our sins before God, all the wrongs we have done, we will pay for in full, “The Grace of The Salvation of God is not forgiveness but to temper justice with mercy.” Peace be with you. Amen.  
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Tuesday, 29 May 2018


Perseverance is not weakness but a sacrifice for peace.

       When fire is started something burns and so is anger when acted upon. Do you know what regret is?, It is standing before a mirror and seeing not a stranger but yourself burning in the flames of ignorance, contempt, guilt, and despair. There is nothing that shatters sanity more than regret, it is the one force powerful enough to dissolve our center and imprison our dreams. Look at the world; perceive reality, “the true root of evil is the anger of hunger. In the halls of regret, anger takes more room.”
My friend, there is no innocence in anger because we cannot manage fury, ‘when it burns, it burns,’ and although the action might seem like a righteous response, it will always devour peace.
“Anger is an exhilarating hymn but whoever gives into that battle cry looms at the fore front of terror, and for you with a conscience, you may be the only prisoner taken to be interrogated by regret.”
You see my friend; conscience is a halo of peace. When we do wrong to others, we become conflicted within, our center warms in grave peril and we suffer in the pit of our own torture. For the morally righteous heart, actions of anger, wakes up guilt in a gown of regret. Do you have a conscience?
       The world will always push us to tight corners. It will always make the air thin so we can glorify every breath. It will always burn our hearts to dull our minds just so we cannot think clearly to hope again, to dream again. All these it does to draw out our anger and fuel it enough to summon fury to take hold of patience and endurance and crush them and make room for violence.
 Look at society! Look at the world! The peace we hope for is in the defense of all our weaknesses: as we grow in the strength of God’s wisdom, the world unravels both the harsh and the mild realities, and as we set out to write destiny, society warps fortitude, ‘oh dear!’ the peace is pillaged and the wars are good enough to go around, just so everyone would know their adversary well enough to run for cover and buy enough time to purchase violence, only to protect fear. But we can beat this by remembering the pain that wakes in desolation. It might seem impossible to imprison the anger, to not fight fire with fire, but you’d be surprised of how much you can endure, if you will listen to the soothing echoes of your peaceful and hopeful thoughts, I tell you the truth, even in the flames of injustice, failures, and disappointments, you will still dream.
We cannot all be killers otherwise tomorrow will be dead. Let them kill us, we are the suffering saints and they are the suffering monsters, life is not meant to be perfect, we are here to learn to behave in the heat of adversities. Peace be with you. Amen.
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